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How to Organize Your Recipes


Looking for ways to spruce up the aesthetic of your kitchen with a vintage but clean and polished vibe? Here are 3 easy kitchen organization solutions to keep your kitchen organized and looking better than ever.


Recipe Cards

Chances are, you have old recipe cards somewhere in your kitchen. Whether they were inherited from your grandparents, you received them at a recipe exchange potluck, or they’re cards you made yourself, you’ve likely stockpiled too many of them and don’t have enough places to keep them nicely organized. Here’s our advice, from recipe lovers like you who are reluctant to throw them out altogether!

Set aside time to trim down on extra recipe books in your cupboards. Pull out your books and page through them to find your very favorite recipes. Once you have your favorites written down, you can retire your old recipe books to make way for new ones, gifted to friends, or be passed down to your children.

There’s a huge advantage to making your own personalized recipe cards. When you write the notes for your own recipes, you’ll have full control over recipe card customization. Many recipes may be accessible online nowadays, but there’s nothing quite as special as cooking a childhood recipe from a recipe card written in your mother’s or grandmother’s handwriting.

Recipe Boxes

Once you have recipe cards, you’ll want to decide on a safe place to keep them within easy reach while you’re in the kitchen (and a place that will prevent you from smudging any screens, spilling crumbs between keyboard keys, or dropping any phones while you have wet or messy hands). A recipe box is a convenient (and safe) place to store recipes that will last in your family for years.

If you’re looking to start your first recipe box (or retire an old box for a fresh look), look no farther. Our metal recipe boxes will keep your recipes protected from heat that may fade or smudge writing. Our pre-made divider cards include the following categories: Appetizers, Breakfast, Breads & Pasta, Casserole, Cakes, Desserts, Drinks, Main dishes, Salads, Seafood, Side Dishes, and Soups. Organizing your kitchen is easy, and our beautiful recipe box options will stand out on the shelf without detracting from the natural aesthetic of your kitchen.

Binders For Recipe Cards

Recipe card binders have an advantage over recipe boxes if you’re interested in storing a lot of them on one shelf. Since binders are thin, you can fit several more of them beside one another than you can fit multiple recipe boxes. Each of our recipe card binders comes prepared with 20 plastic pages for displaying recipe cards (and protecting them from sticky fingers or accidental splashes). When you order one of our recipe binders, you’ll also receive several customizable dividers and 40 blank recipe cards to get you started. Our binders lay flat on surfaces, making them super convenient in the kitchen.

Creating the ideal recipe card can be a challenge. At Heart & Berry, we’re here to start you off right. Our template recipe cards feature beautiful designs to match any binder or box you order from us, and they can be ordered in packs of 50 again and again to refill recipe boxes and recipe binders. Keeping your kitchen organized is a breeze!